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About Northern Natural

Meet the crew – a small group of northern Michigan farmers and business owners with a long history of organic expertise.

Dennis Mackey, C.E.O.
Dennis has been an organic grower since the late 1980s and has done extensive work on “mineralizing” the soil and crops he grows to maximize nutrition benefits. Mackey has a BS degree from Western Michigan University, 1971. His professional background includes managing Lakeview Orchards Inc., a 1,000-acre fruit growing and packing operation based in northern Michigan in the 1980s. From 1990 to 2000 he managed two organic orchards and farm markets north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While in Wisconsin, Mackey started a fresh pressed organic apple juice operation (1994), establishing markets in Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

In his spare time Mackey tends to his many personal “backyard” organic gardens, growing everything from fruits and vegetables to flowers.



James Anderson, President. Jim Anderson is a professor at Michigan State University and grew up in Sparta MI on his family farm. Anderson Brothers Farm specializes in growing a large variety of organic apples both hierloom and dwarf.

A true believer and activist in keeping it "local" and for the health of it. "Buy American and buy Local"




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